Registration and Information Form

Filling out this form allows BAW to understand your interest.  After you fill it out, you will be contacted to confirm registration details, such as when payment will be charged, payment plan details.  

How to Register

1.  Fully Read and Agree to the Terms & Conditions when filling out the Registration Form  

1.  Fill out the registration form and state which class  you are interested in.  Form is below

2.  Create a profile or be sure your information is updated on your profile at BAW's Payment Portal

NOTE - Do NOT purchase anything!  The site is not set up for the Actor to create most of the payments as stated above.

3.  We will then email you the price list and paympent options. Once payment  is agreed  on via email then, and only then a charge will be made to your debit or credit card that you have on file with our Payment Portal ‚Äč