The Work

The training at BAW is heavily influenced by the Eric Morris System of acting.  This personal and professional journey is ongoing, not to be mastered in a predetermined amount of time.   

The two areas of main focus 
is the Instrumental Work: the process of identifying and eliminating obstacles to expression, reacting and BEING. BEING is a state the actor strives to achieve-which is expressing nothing more or less than what the actor is experiencing in the moment.  It's vital for the actor to be open in their life for an experience to happen that they aim to have on stage or in front of a camera.  

The second focus is on the Craft Work (Character Development): the step by step process of creating the characters' reality.   At BAW, this is the process of Character Development that is highly specific and personal to each actor.   A few of over 30 techniques we use is, Available Stimulus, Sense Memory, Affective Memory, Externals, Sub-Personality and Imaging.   

About the Tagline

RAW represents the Instrumental work to focus on what gets to the depth of the raw truth of the actor.
IRREVERENT represents the Craft aspect of our work that focuses on training the actor a wide set of tools for the actor to fulfill the character obligations with a high level of irreverence.
RELIABLE represents everything we do at BAW.  We teach an actor a process they can depend on 8-times a week, on every take and on every audition.